Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Story of The Fairy Tea Party

Once upon a time, a little fairy decided to go to a Fairy Tea Party out on the lawn. Fascinated, I sat back and watched as they were all handed little cups and saucers, and stories were told. 

The little fairy did a great job, listening and participating, even naming the 'Tooth Fairy' as a type of fairy. Until...

the nymph came by and filled her cup with something and told her to close her eyes and blow... 


Suddenly, the little fairy was covered in the strange, magical dust, and I watched in fear as I wondered how that dust was going to come off...

But little was I prepared for the horror that came next...

The Imp that was sitting next to me acquired some of that magical dust that refused to move off of the little fairy's skin, and with one short blow, I, too, became covered in the pestering dust...never to be the same again.

This meant war! 
When the Imp wasn't prepared, I swiped my swift hand down his face, scarring him with not only the shiny, magical, never-to-come-off dust, but in PINK nonetheless!

We may never have a moment where we don't see a reminder of this gruesome day ever again, but the victory belongs in knowing that none of us walked away unscathed.

Sweet victory.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sunset Quilt Part II

So we got the squares cut out.  Now for what I hope will be a fun part: finding the pattern we want to use.  I thought about throwing the fabric pieces into the air and collecting the pieces randomly and laying them out that way.
I bet professional quilters are shaking their heads right now. ...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What Colors Do You See In The Sunset?

I never thought of myself as a sewing person. I love to write (which takes as much free time as I can manage these days), I also love photography and painting (colorful splotches on the canvas). I've played with music, writing songs, poetry, and lately I've enjoyed making crafts with my child.

But three years ago while in Maine, I considered dabbing in the art of quilt making.  I know it's a laugh considering I can barely sew a button onto a shirt, but I had this fantasy of making one and presenting it to my granny. You see, she has a long history of making quilts. For everyone, including my dog. And in middle school, she gave me a pink and purple quilt. To this day it is the perfect blanket to cuddle up in, especially when sick. It's one of my few favorite material possessions, which also includes a beautiful cedar wood chest my grandfather made me. 

I don't think I've ever told her that.

As for my quilt-making dream, it kind of faded away with lack of time and then moving back to Texas.  

Until this weekend.

My grandmother has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and of course I've had the mad rush of thoughts to try to make sure she knows I love her.  I don't doubt she already knows in some way, but I want to somehow make up for the years I have taken her (as well as all of my grandparents) for granted. With this diagnosis, the urge to make a quilt started burning again. Cary has been incredibly supportive, and last night we spent way too much time at the fabric store to pick out the perfect colors.

We are in the very first stages of making a sunset quilt, and let's face it, so far Cary is the shining star in this endeavor. I'm going to show the progress along the way, which is apparently going to be a long process according to everyone I talk to. But I am also excited to show my grandmother the progress in person.

Got any advice?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

TOY STORY Was A Bad Idea...

(not toys sent away)

B is at the stage where she is asking for EVERYTHING right now. Unfortunately that is not an exaggeration. When a commercial comes on tv, she asks for it. Then the next. She has even asked for hair shampoo.I tell her that she needs to stop asking and she always says 'This is the last one'. And then the next commercial: 'Except for this, too.'

I take it in stride. I know it's a temporary phase, and she knows she's not going to get everything she sees or wants. I also tell her that to get more stuff, she needs to play with the things she has. Her toy box has been filled with unplayed-with items since we moved back to Texas, and it was exhausting just thinking about Christmas and what else we were going to bring into the house.

So finally, Cary and I cleaned out her toy box this past weekend. The small things, like the cheap Easter basket fillers were easy to decide on. But it was the stuffed animals that I really struggled with. Not only am I a mourning mommy that wants her small baby back, but I have also seen Toy Story one too many times.

Each stuffed animal I picked up I had to tell them that they were going to go to a new home where they would be played with by a child that loved them. Then I would stare at them for a moment, wondering if I could truly let go. It was Cary gently prying them from my hands that helped the progress. And now they haunt me.

They are probably singing 'When She Loved Me' right now.

Excuse me. I have a Goodwill to go raid.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

How Do YOU Balance Your Every Day With Your Passions?

Ever miss something (like blogging?), but never have the time to write posts anymore? Yeah. That's me. Fortunately, I'm keeping up on Facebook with some fun things and maybe...perhaps 50 years from now, I'll be able to sit down and write it all down.

I guess my goal is to get it caught up before Brylee's wedding so that I can maybe put together a book or two a year to show her and her new family her life growing up. Because, you know, she keeps life interesting. And she needs to know what she's in for with her own kids...